Records: Man in theater shooting also was texting

Records: Man in theater shooting also was texting.

A former police officer accused of killing a man in a movie theater during a dispute over texting had used his own phone to send a message to his son moments before the incident, according to documents released Thursday by Florida prosecutors.

Curtis Reeves’ son, Matthew Reeves, told detectives that his father texted him at 1:04 p.m. Jan. 13, the documents show. Curtis Reeves told his son he was already seated inside the theater. Matthew Reeves, who is a Tampa police officer, made plans to meet his parents at the theater for the 1:20 p.m. showing of “Lone Survivor” but was late because he stopped to wash his truck, he told detectives.

TPM Interview: The Brown Grad Student Who Chased The NRA Out Of Rhode Island

TPM Interview: The Brown Grad Student Who Chased The NRA Out Of Rhode Island.

Sam Bell is in the third year of a PhD program in geology at Brown University. Geology as in rocks. But Bell also moonlights as the the state coordinator of The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats, the state affiliate of the 10-year-old Progressive Democrats of America. And in his work with The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats, Bell was instrumental to the investigation that ultimately led to the National Rifle Association paying the second largest campaign finance fine in the state’s history.


Gabrielle Giffords on gun violence and responsible legislation

From the NYT:

The new book, “Enough,” is “a powerful argument for responsible gun legislation, an insider’s account of how Ms. Giffords and Mr. Kelly have become leading advocates on the issue, as well as an intimate portrait” of Ms. Giffords’s recovery from the 2011 shooting that left her partly paralyzed and with impaired vision and limited speech. Since the shooting, Ms. Giffords has devoted much of her time to campaigning for gun legislation; she left Congress in 2012.


Internet diagnosis – life’s most terrible diseases. And you probably have one.

Worst Case Scenario

Yes, you're dying. We're all dying. But what, exactly are you dying of? That nagging cough, your marked indifference, what could they mean? Don't bother running around the internet looking up your symptoms in an attempt at self diagnosis. We all know that, in the end, the internet is going to tell you you've got a horrible, incurable, communicable disease.

The Worst Case Scenario system cuts out the leg work by immediately jumping to the most paranoically horrifying disease closely matching your symptoms. There may not be an exact match, but there's always something relatively close and totally panic inducing.


Just click the box to enter the symptoms or risky activities that most closely match yours, then click submit. Your ailment will be diagnosed by trained medical peronnel and transferred to the internet via strombosis.

 abdonminal maladies
 acute fear of water
 animal bite
 behavioral changes
 bleeding from body openings
 bloody saliva
 breathing difficulties
 deep tissue sorness
 dry cough
 extreme thirst
 gastrointenstinal distress
 general discomfort
 general malaise
 impaired judgement
 insect bite
 jaw pain
 low blood pressure
 muscle aches
 muscle spasms
 muscle stiffness
 neck pain
 poor memory
 poor vision
 shortness of breath
 skin abrasion
 skin lesions
 slurred speech
 sore throat
 swimming outdoors
 touched a monkey
 unsteady gait
 visited New Guinea


This is for entertainment purposes only, in case you were wondering. If you know of a horrifying disease that's not covered here, please email tony with a link and a list of symptoms.

Internet Diagnoses in the News!

Internet diagnosis gives GPs a webache

"CYBERCHONDRIA" - the imagined conditions afflicting patients who have turned to the internet for diagnosis - can be a bane for doctors convincing patients of their misdiagnosis, says an internet health expert, Jared Dart.

Dr Dart recalls an elderly patient's relative suggesting on the basis of internet research that the patient required a biopsy of skull tissue. Diagnosis by a doctor actually found "the poor old guy had been having headaches as a result of a muscular-skeletal problem in the neck".

"Many doctors have lamented the rise of the e-health information consumer, suggesting it has led to patient 'cyberchondria' and anecdotal reports of patients bringing health information to doctors abound," Dr Dart says.


Self-diagnosis on the Web
Is the Internet turning us into a nation of cyberchondriacs?

The Internet may be the best thing ever for our understanding of our health or medical condition. It may also be the worst.

Reputable Web sites can provide instant access to high-quality information on medical conditions and treatments, helping patients to understand and better manage their health. But doctors warn the impersonal nature of the Internet can mislead individuals about the specifics of their particular situation. Web searches have the potential to create major anxiety over a minor symptom or to delude patients into thinking they have a rare, life-threatening ailment.

"It's kind of a double-edged sword," said Dr. Andrew Jones, a vein specialist with Inovia Vein Specialty Center in Bend. It's a great way for people to access information, but there's a lot of information that's pretty skewed."


Internet Therapy Post

The other night I dreamt I was seduced into the midst of a sexual orgy with a group of mutants with physical, mental, spiritual, and/or social deformities that, at first, made them unapproachable and, in some cases, either physically irresistibly attractive or repulsively unattractive.

The setting was an immense mansion with polished wood everything, antique furniture, renaissance art on the walls, French doors for every room, marble floors, and brass fixtures. My only guess at the time was that some perv had an affliction or mutation, or a family member with such, and also lots, and lots of money. Did I mention this whole swaré was in a somewhat locked away basement?

The longer I stayed and watched, the more I participated. The more I participated and interacted, the more I noticed the connections I was making with each of them, while still completely confusing to me, were the things I was relying on to negotiate the miasma of confusion, discomfort, and sense of otherness I was lost in.

The dream ended uneventfully, but lasted a long time.

The next night I was dreaming that I was learning to fly in my dreams (I knew it was a dream). Usually I forcefully swim through the air, using my arms and legs to keep myself up, while the slightest, mistimed whoosh of limbs would send me slamming, hard into the ground with an uncomfortable bounce and skid when I hit.

Something in this dream was telling me to use the natural currents and be unafraid of the fall, if it happens. You will learn, it told me, you will always have to put every ounce of effort into flying if avoiding the fall (and violent land that follows) is the goal of your efforts.

And I can fly in my dreams with something like mastery if avoiding the fucking fall can be considered mastery. Usually I’m two feet off the ground and falling in a desired direction without ever hitting the ground. Sometimes I’m soaring and falling in alternation with falling and crashing as the final result.

Well, in this dream this something was telling me to “follow the currents” and somehow I knew what that meant and I was able to fucking pick up on an effortless current to soar carelessly higher and higher, then back down through a Zion National Park landscape with deciduous trees in that Fall stage where there are green to red to yellow leaves covering every tree.

But the canyon I was flying through was tough to navigate and I kept leaping back to my known measures for avoiding crashes. This was antithetical to “follow the current”, so pretty soon I was frequently crashing, hard, into the ground.

On my final attempt at “following the current”, I was able to make it quite high and then turn around to find and follow it again down through the canyon (which is what I was doing in previous attempts). I found a barely detectable current and followed/fell along it straight along to the face of a cliff and suddenly lost the current.

This sent me tumbling, inertially, toward the rock face — in which there happened to be a gigantic cave opening. As I approached at terminal velocity (probably) I could see expensive furniture, large rooms with double doors, and renaissance art.

I screamed, “No! I don’t want to go back into that dream!” as I crash landed into the cliff-side-view room. Immediately the woman from the previous night’s dream who had been inexplicably most obsessed with me throuout it came rushing in to greet me.

I stared into her eyes for a sec to make sure it was actually the same person. It was, so I woke up.

The end.

The possibly pertinent context of this post is that my marriage is ending. We’re miles away from figuring out how to split custody, child support, living accommodations, roles. Daycare for our boys is huge and we’re broke. I’m against the divorce, but she’s for it and it seems to me she’s been for it for 6 years or so, which is also how long we’ve been married. I have the best job I’ve ever had, but I’m in way over my head. I think I can catch up, but there are no guarantees and I get no feedback from my superiors or peers (other than the occasional snicker during code reviews).

All of our savings has been spent on medical expenses for our two sons, our new cat, that fucking car, and her orthodontia. While she has parents with the means to help her out when she falls short, I am the first to break the mold in my family and be the first man to do something more than either spend his life in and out of jail, producing babies he can’t/won’t support, dying of an overdose, or just having no record of his involvement in the continuation of our species. This leaves me without a parental safety net.

My life could fall to pieces if I suddenly have to come up with $2000 or lose some portion of my stability. And the fact that she’s been a stay-at-home mom for over 5 years now makes it impossible for us to just part ways and split custody, no-fault, no-foul.